Product Campaign

Our Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules launch campaign was driven by visceral and sensorial storytelling that brought familiar benefits to life in a fresh way. As a creative partner to Elizabeth Arden, we work closely and collaboratively to connect strategy, writing and design into a holistic and unified visual language.


Product Relaunch

The challenge of relaunching a signature product line led us to a rewarding collaboration with illustrator, Lisk Feng. Together, we created a 360 campaign that tells a multi-dimensional story of travel destinations across the Asia-Pacific region, leveraging the brand’s tagline of ‘Never Stop Discovering’ and giving it a personal focus that speaks to our time.


Brand Renovation

Embarking on a complete brand overhaul for this iconic winery, our new positioning and storytelling uncovered compelling ways to connect heritage with the future. Our exploration was a deep and authentic immersion into the vision, terroir and spirit of Robert Mondavi, yielding creative and strategic insights with the power to take the brand forward.


Product Campaign

New campaign for Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea Eau de Parfum. Elevating and modernizing the communication and brand story of the White Tea Fragrances portfolio. An invitation for the mind and body to feel more free, connected and whole.


Brand Renovation

Balancing heritage with a modern point of view, our work with this pioneering American whiskey brand was focused on reinvigorating its voice and visual identity. This culminated with positioning that informed a new tagline, still-life campaign and limited-release label design in collaboration with artist Ed Mell.


Brand Renovation

Strategy, identity and website design for Great Bowery. Uniting the leading agencies in the fashion and luxury image-making industry. We also helped redefine brand positioning for Streeters, CLM, MAP and B&A.



Clarifying voice and identity in a move toward more digital and experiential touchpoints, we celebrated their original sense of place by honoring the story of California and quality of materials.


Brand Renovation

Reimagining heritage through a modern lens, we developed an emotional and future-proof strategic positioning centered around the concept of ‘a deeper journey.’ This led to the creation of a wide array of sensorial touchpoints, from in-room collateral to the rebranding of the international VIP club. Infused with bespoke touchpoints like a hand-drawn typeface inspired by the founder’s own, and considered language and design that reflects elements from InterContinental’s story, we illuminated a deeper journey for consumers and elevated the credentials of the world’s largest luxury hotel and resort line.


Trophy Positioning

Evolving the brand positioning of the FIFA World Cup Trophy, the brand’s most iconic and valuable asset. Developing new usage guidelines to deepen brand equity and enhance the Trophy’s accessibility and cultural relevance while maintaining elevation and desirability.

Irene Neuwirth

Brand Renovation

Guiding this esteemed jewelry brand into the digital era with the same energy and spirit as its flagship retail environment, we mixed mediums and artforms to translate Irene’s world into a playful, luxurious digital and physical realm.